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I am a nana, ( just in case it wasnt plain) I am married to a wonderful God fearing man. I have 3 of the greatest, talented,loving daughters. 3 Of the sweetest, loving, wonderful granddaughters. Charity Hope is the newest to the family. I love the Lord, ride with the Christian Motorcyclist Association,I love my family ( hate not seeing them more) but I love them more then they will ever know.

Me And My Hubby

Me And My Hubby
OOHH How sweet!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

How was Christmas?

How was our Christmas? Very good! Christmas Eve all the kids came over. We had Breakfast and opened gifts. Had a good time, laughted and talked. It was really nice and I enjoyed it so much. Then we went to Daniels parents and it went really well there. Everyone was enjoying themselves and no fussing! It was a real blessing to have everyone in a good mood and no one fussing. We stayed a little longer and spent time with Bobby and Monie ( Daniel's brother and sister-in-law). Daniel sang and played guitar with his dad.

Christmas Day we went to my mom and dads. It was great everyone was there! Picked at Beth a little, she says she has become a grouch. Nope just getting older and she is fine no different than any one else. We all get that way at one time or another. She can be a lot of fun! The truth be known we could all relax more! Jimmy and Frankie was there ( my brother and sister-in-law) and their family. It was so good to see them all. We hardly ever get together any more. I really enjoyed it! Jess still on crutches, but she hopped around good. No stopping her. I was looking at Danielle and thinking how next year there will be another little one there with us ( Charity Hope). It is so awesome to watch the kids play and open gifts. The excitement on their little faces! As you sit and think about all the additions we have each year, you realise just how blessed you are. The family is growing with the next generation. And although there is changes, the importance of spending time with family grows . So how was my Christmas? Truly Blessed! God Bless You! And wishing you the Best New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A few new thoughts

Well, lets see! Went with Danielle to her doctors visit, every thing is as it should be. ( Thank you Lord!) My other 2 girls Beth and Jess were there and that was nice. We never go out just us girls so I will take what I can get when I can get it. I miss them so much. Danielle is so excited and can't wait to hold her baby girl! We talk about when she was born a lot here latley. She tells me of the fond memories she has of her childhood.

My Jess broke her foot and is hopping on crutches. Bless her heart! But she will just keep on going. This girl has a huge heart, even with a broke foot she wants to keeping helping others.

Beth ( Mary) stays busy with her new home the beautiful girls (my grandbabies) and her hubby. She enjoys her family and doing things with and for them. I pray all her hopes and dreams come true for her.

Christmas Eve morning all the kids come over for Christmas breakfast. I really enjoy that! I am looking forward to it, just 2 more days! Wow! another year about over. Where does the time go? Oh well,I just want to enjoy my family as much as I can. Sometimes you are limited for whatever reason so, enjoy what time you have. Let the love of Christ dwell in your heart and life. That is what Christmas is all about. As you sit around with family and you look at them, remember this is the family he chose for you. Your parents, your spouse, your children. Be blessed, and enjoy his blessings. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Time!

Well, it is that time of year again! My favorite might add. If you are like most of us with the economy the way it is, there won't be a lot under the tree. But there is so much in our hearts! sometimes I forget what Christmas is all about, don't get me wrong I love the shopping for others. The thing is We (I) have to stop and take the time to remember why I celebrate it at all. If we think about all the gifts he has given us ( It really is not possessions) if we could only give others just a drop of that, wow how blessed we all would be. Although we can not give some one else salvation, we can let them know how they can get it. He gives us love, hope, peace and joy, this we can give to others. Love one another like he loves us, let them know there is hope in Jesus Christ, When you let him into your life and ask forgiveness, when you do this you can find peace in knowing that there is a way when it seems like there is no way, The joy of knowing how much he loves you and will never leave you.

Sometimes it just breaks my heart if I can buy or give the way I would love to. But you know, to be honest there are times when just loving someone, being there, leaning a ear ( not opinion of what we think) is the best gift you can give. What do you give a person who has everything? humm that could be hard. What do you give someone who has nothing could be just as hard. So what do you do? The best you can as long as it comes from the heart. You remember the song the little drummer boy? In some ways I feel that is me. I have nothing much to give but, what I give it comes with all my heat. So, whatever you give no matter how big or little it seems to be, give it with all you heart, with the love Christ.


Monday, November 16, 2009


I have so much to be thankful for so, where to begin? The beginning may not be as had as knowing where to end. Because every moment there is another thing to be thankful for.I would say the begin is when I ask the Lord into my heart and life. Did doing that mean that I wouldn't have to face tough times? Not at all but, Now I have someone to help me through whatever I face. I want my family to know I feel truly blessed and I am very thankful for them. See no matter what anyone else may think about me I am so thankful the Lord knows my heart. He knows the love I have for my family, he knows how much I miss them when I don't see them, he knows the prayers I send up for them. He knows every part of me, and for this I am truly thankful.

We are going to Beth's for Thanksgiving, to me this is a blessing. Let me explain, This mean she has grown into a wonderful woman, has beautiful home, has a wonder family and we can all gather, fellowship and enjoy this with her. This is a true blessing and I know she realizes how much she is blessed. We have decided to go to different homes(of the family) for Thanksgiving every year. This is a wonderful thing because, we can share the blessings we have with each other. And I think this is very important to build these memories that will last. See one day some of the family will not be here to share the day with us. It could be me or any of the family members. You may say why bring this up. Because we need to realize the important of building memories with each member. Be thankful for them enjoy the time you have with them. Everyone will not always agree with each other, but we are all family that God has blessed each one of us with.

Wishing everyone a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things Going On

Lets see so many things going on. We went to Beth and Bobby's house warming and their house is looking wonderful. Saw the girls and enjoyed spending what little time we had with them. I am so happy for Beth, Bobby and the girls. I know they are thrilled over their new house. I don't know if my girls know it or not but, that is what I hope and pray for them. That they are happy and get what they want.

Jess has been so much help to all of us, if we need anything or help with any thing she is the first to volunteer. She is very hard working with a large giving heart. She has helped with so many things and she is always there for you. I hope she knows just how much she is appreciated!

Danielle is doing really good although, she gave us a little scare. Her next doctors appointment is Thursday and her interview for a pediatrician is Wednesday. Her baby shower is November 7 and she is looking forward to it! Just 12 more weeks, at times it seems like a good while and other times it is like wow! ONLY 12 MORE WEEKS!

This weekend we have Moody fest and it will be a very busy day. After Moody fest we have a place we set up in Talladega. We have hot dogs, candy, drinks and lots of fun! Last year there was over 300 people that visited. We feed them and passed out over 80 pounds of candy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Charity Hope

Another wonderful baby girl. I am so excited! Her name is Charity Hope, now when I talk to her I can call here by her name. We have a few more months until she will be here but, I know she can hear me when I talk to her. yes, I am talking about Danielle's baby. Our baby's baby.

Just 2 more weeks and I will be playing on the beach! I can't wait! A whole week! I am soooo ready I will be able to just relax and have fun. Wow! that is awesome.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Long Weekend

Wow, it has been a long weekend. We went to State Rally(CMA) and it was awesome. Great services, saw old friends and made new ones. You stay very busy and have lots of fun, but you also, the most important thing is get renewed and blessed.

Thunder Beach is getting closer and closer! I can't wait I am looking forward to it! There are so many witnessing opportunities there. You get to enjoy the the Beach, fellowship, and ministry.

My girl? Jess came to the rally, Danielle has been with her husband trying to get their car running, Beth, well we just keep missing each other. Been wanting to go see her new house seems like we stay so busy. Hopefully before our grand babies have babies we will be able to get there and see it. Well, I am exaggerating a little. But it seems like it will be that long.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Been A While!

Wow! I had no ideal it has been so long since I had posted. So much has been going on. We traded the Harley for a goldwing trike. Which we had to put shocks on and now we have to replace the alternator. The Jeep is down so, all we have running is the truck. Danielle and Robert has been staying with us for awhile. And I get to spend time with Danielle and see the changes she is going through. It is awesome! Sept. the 3rd we will know if we are having a little Charity Hope or a Roger Ray. It doesn't matter to me I am just really excited! I hadn't seen or heard from Beth in a awhile but, I know she has been very busy. I will be glad when we get the chance to go see what has been done on her new house. I bet it looks great. They have been working very hard trying to get it finished. Jess has been coming around a good bit so we have been able to spend some time with her. Been doing ministry and church visits. This is our busy time of year. Next month we will be going to Florida, I am counting the days! I cant wait. Well that is the short version of what has been going on here. Hope it was be as long til my next post.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday ( My Girls)

I left off with Beth last time so we are back with Jess. So many memories, I remember when I was carrying Danielle. And Jess had done something, Don't really remember what at this time. I just remember I was chasing her and she climbed on top of our trailer. Now remember Jess is 5 years older the Danielle So I was pretty big at the time. She thought it was so funny. I had chased her to my mother-in-laws house around it and back to ours. By the time I bounce my big self back, she was already on the roof. Well by this time I was laughing so hard I wasn't even upset with her any more ( not to mention wore out).

Daniel's dad is having a pacemaker put in, in the morning and we will be there with him.

Today we have been doing Spring cleaning pulled all the furniture out cleaned behind it and put it all back. Next is our closet, what a mess! I need to get rid of all that stuff we never wear. Oh wait a minute that means shopping for new stuff. Nope just clean the clutter for now.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Wow, what a busy few days. So much going on, yesterday went swimming with my mom, Beth, Danielle, Robert, Alex, and Kaylee. We had so much fun! Today went to the doctor with my hubby, found out he has Meniere's Disease. They will be treated it with meds. and he will go back in six weeks.

Now we are getting ready for Bible study. I really love this time studying the word with friends and family. There are times I like to study alone and listen to what he has to tell me. Lets face it, I love to study the word of the Lord.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

It has been a few days since I have posted. We have been really busy, but had a great weekend. Our girls surprised Daniel with a home cooked breakfast buffet style. He loved it and was telling everyone how much it meant to him. This Happened on Saturday morning and we got to spend time with our girls 2 of our son-n-laws and our grand daughters. It was awesome!

Sunday we visited our parents and had a really good visit. It seems like they are to far between visits, but again everyone gets so busy. So we just have to cherish the time we do get to spend with each other.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Maddness

Well, couldn't talk him into going today, but he promises if he is not feeling better in the morning he will go. Checked his blood pressure and it was good. Confusing, I will just keep praying for him.

Heard from Beth this morning and things are coming together for the new house. I am so happy for her. I know she is excited, ready to move in, and get comfortable before school starts. Which wont be long.

Bike night is tonight but don't know if we will make it. With Daniel staying dizzy I hate to be on the road. Bike night is a lot of fun, we enjoy fellowship and bike talk.

Danielle and Robert came by for just a very few minutes but they had things they had to do today too. It was good to see them if even for a couple minutes.

Hadn't heard from Jess, I am sure she is busy or I would have. She will check in on us, just to make sure we are doing ok and see if we need anything.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Husband

Daniel has been feeling bad since Friday night. He has been really dizzy and a little nausea. Not vomiting just nauseated. I am trying to talk him into going to the doctor Monday. We went to the CMA chapter meeting Saturday morning, he came home went to bed. Got back up for 30 minutes ate lunch, went back to sleep. Sleep til 8:00 pm got up for about an hour them back to bed. This morning he was feeling a little better so we went to breakfast club. You guessed, he got dizzy and went back to bed. I hope to carry him to the doctor tomorrow.

Hadn't heard from my girls today, I am sure they are all busy. Beth went to a conference, Danielle and Robert are with friends, Jess has an anniversary this weekend. Today as a matter of fact.

Got to see picture of our new grand baby, well sonogram. The little cutie will be here in Jan. That will be here before you know it. Time does fly bye so fast. Mommy and baby are doing good.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Girls

Back to Beth, I thought she would be a teach when she grew up. She would make her sisters and little cousins sit down and do school work. They could not go play until they had finished what she gave them to do. Wall or what ever was handy was her chalk board. And she was very, as a matter of fact. Putting her little hands on her hips, "I said you have to finish this, I told you how to do it." She was so funny, pointing and getting that little voice in teach mode. Now they were not real happy about it, or were they? They would do what she said, so I wonder.


Bible study, Acts 9-12. It was a great study. If we think we have it bad try reading what the disciples went through. We are truly blessed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fish Tanks

I cleaned the fish tanks today, it only took 2 hours. I am wore out, but I enjoy the fish. They are so relaxing to watch. Alex loves to feed ollie ( the Oscar) she will catch crickets and put them in there. He grabs them as soon as they hit the water. I want to get more tanks and put ollie in a bigger one. I have a 30 gallon, 2 ten gallons and 2 Betta bowls.

I cleaned house all day and loved it. Yes, that is right I loved it. I am so tired but a good tired, Its good to see you accomplished something.

I talked to all three of my girls today. I love it! They are all doing good, Beth is getting things for her new house, Jess is working and doing good, Danielle is excited about her first appointment Thursday. The grand babies are doing good, happy and healthy.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Maddness

Well, today I am a little more rested from the rally. Only to try and catch everything up,and headed off to bike night. It was a lot of fun, we laughed a lot. I sat with one of our chapter members and talked for the longest about having babies and funny things that happen during pregnancy. Oh yes, I told about mine, sorry girls. lol This was after the fellowship time. Had a nice ride there though it was a little cool coming home. Monday's are usually busy but that is ok.

Talked with Beth a little today, that was really nice. We are staying in touch more and I am so happy. My Jess called and talked to me a little today to. I love hearing from my girls and know what is going on with them.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

long weekend

Wow, this has been one long weekend. We left early Thursday morning to HP40 to set up camp for the bike rally. It rained on us that morning and night, Thursday night was really cold on the mountain and the rain too brrr. That night it was just me, Daniel, Mushey and Susan. We had a good time lots of laughing. We were sitting under their canopy eating supper ( that we cooked on the grill in the rain) and the top sprung a leak, the another and another. It starting raining so hard that the top was filling up with water. Mushy took his knife out and slice a drain hole in the top. It was so funny because the water the pour through the hole soaked every thing. Daniel ran grabbed our umbrella and we sat their eating the rest of our dinner under the umbrella under the canopy. I guess you just had to be there it was so funny. Friday morning my Danielle and Robert came up and set up camp, not long after everyone started coming in setting up. We had lots of fun and fellowship. Saturday was bike games, Daniel and Danielle won the slow race on my trike ( my trike) not the bike! lots of fun and we saw some beautiful bikes this time. More fellowship and praise reports. Sunday we got up packed everything had morning service, Daniel did a really good job. We had a great weekend but when we got home I was so wore out. Had to take a nap before bed time.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bible Study Wed.

Wednesday is our bible Study day, This week we are studying Acts 5-8. I won't tell you about it til next week. Study with us and tell me what you think.

My girls Tuesday

We are now to our baby girl. Danielle is our baby, she is a girl but not always knowing she is a girl. LOL! She is our baby indeed, and always will be I don't care how old she gets. She is another one that was mommy and daddy's girl., but when daddy got home from work she wanted daddy. Now let me tell you she was crazy about her big sister. She would want Beth to walk her around all the time. Or should I say rock her around. She would yell, " moomy sissy won't rock me around"! It was funny, although I don't think it was as funny or cute to her sister. But I do think it will be memories that they will think on with a smile.

She has always been an outside girl like her daddy. She would go to the edge of the woods, same place every time and look up and talk to the light. We thought she had an imaginary friend, but one day we asked her about it. She was just a tiny thing and just walking good. She took us to the spot and pointed up in the trees and said "See the light"? Well we didn't not even the sun, which we figured might have been what it was. Her daddy said" Baby where?" she just blew and said, " Right there daddy see!" At that moment we knew, she loved going to church and praying she talked to the Lord or an angel either way we didn't worry and the same time everyday she went to the same place and talked.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Maddness

This weekend was really good, Beth and the babies came over Friday. It was so good to spend time with them I enjoyed it so much. Alex feed Ollie grasshoppers all day. He loved it! He would eat them as fast as she would drop them in. Oh, Ollie is my Oscar, he loves crickets and grasshoppers. I think she had fun. I know I enjoyed watching her. Little Gracie climbed on the motorccle, trike, and camper. I think she had a really good time to. They are both both so much fun! The only thing is Ollie bit Alex and Gracie fell and hurt her little chin, I wasn't happy about that. But just having them here, all three of them was the best. I am talking about my oldest baby and her two babies.

We had Robert and Danielle stay with us a few nights and I loved it! We don't do enough visiting. Speaking on visiting, we went to see Beth and Bobby's new house they are building. It is going to be beautiful. We didn't get to stay as long as we wanted to, we had company come to our house. Hope to go back soon though and spend more time. I am so happy and proud for them. I am praying they get in it before school starts back, I know how badly Beth wants that. My hubby brought back a little passenger with him. It was stuck to his back around the belt line. I got it off though. Watch those babies for the little varmints. Sunday we went to breakfast club, took a ride on the bike got us something to eat. Found out Beth had left just ten minutes before we got there. The server knows us, and she said " your daughter and beautiful granddaughters just left".
I hate it that we miss them, we could have all ate together. We came home and relaxed the rest of the day. Today we are getting things together for HP40. And we will be off to bike night in a few minutes. It is getting that time of year, busy busy!

My Danielle goes to the doctor next week for her first visit, I am so excited! I know she is too. Her allergies are giving her trouble, but she is a trooper! We talked about colors for the nursery and diffrent things. She is going to be a good mommy you can tell already.
I talked to Jess some this weekend, everyone gets really busy this time of year. She seems to be doing really good though. She got her six new games for her birthday, I imagine she has been playing them.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Girls

I will try to get on a scheduele with these. Just starting out and it is all new. Anyway back to memories about my girls.

Jess ( Jessica) she was the second one to come along. A momma and daddy's girl. She loves her momma, but when daddy got home that was it. Her daddy hanges the moon. I remember, well let me tell you this, my babbies were breastfed. One stayed with it longer that then other two. Yep, you guessed it my Jess. Family would tell me you really need to ween her. I wasnt ready, it was our bonding time. They had started when she turned a year old. Well, by the time she was 14 months old I decided, OK I am ready! What brought me to this? By this time she had teeth, and she knew how to use them. If you every noticed, babies will take the nipple of their bottle between their teeth bite down and snatch backward. Oh yea, she did! Milk and blood shot out, yes I said ouch. And when I did I looked down at her and she had turned loose and was laughing. I couldn't really be mad at her, so I just said, " OK, little lady that's it you will be weened this week."
She just smiled at me like right mommy we will see. It took a little longer then the week I had promised. And trying all different ways I could think of, I found something that worked. I took the lemonade Koolaide ( no sugar added) and rubbed it on there good. When she started to nurse it was very unpleasant to her. She would turn loose and shake her head while looking at me like, Mommy the milk went bad. A couple days of this and she was finished. This may have not been the ideal way of doing it, but she stopped. It wasn't anything that would hurt her she just found it unpleasant. One thing I will have to say though, to this very day she loves lemons. Go figure!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is much better, Jess came by to see her Daddy, Danny, Becky, Abbie, Zoe and Baby Mackenzie came by to see Daniel and brought us lunch. We wished Jess a Happy Birthday and she played with the baby. It has been good! This lifted Daniels spirits a lot which made him feel so much better.

I can't believe our Jess is already 26! Where does the time go? I watched her play with the baby and remembered her being that small. Times seems to move so fast the older we get. Don't blink or you will miss something.

Relaxing Sunday

Sundays we meet for breakfast. It started it out just four of us meeting and having breakfast on Sunday mornings. We now have 13 that meet. We fellowship, give praise reports, ask for prayer needs, talk about what went on that week in our lives, and talk about the bible. Sometime we have people come to our table and ask for prayer. If they want we pray with them right then, if they are not comfortable with that we write down their request and then we all pray over it. We have a very sweet server her name is Denise. She takes good care of us and prays with us.

This week we did not make it Daniel was still feeling bad. The swelling has gone down but, I think being inside has depressed him a little he is an out door person. But it will not be much longer and he can be outside again.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Girls

I will try to tell some of my favorite memories of my girl each week, not all because there are so many. Lets start with the oldest and go down the list.

Beth, a traveler from birth this baby loved to ride. She made many trips to the ER, was she that sick? No, just liked to ride. Every night she would scream and cry, nothing we could do would stop it. So we would pack her up and off to the ER we would go. They would say we can't find anything, she seems to be perfectly healthy. Well we knew something had to be really wrong with our baby the way she screamed and cried. After several trips like that we bean to notice something. As soon as we got to the end of the driveway she was sound asleep. So we decided to try that for awhile. And sure enough, sleeping before we got to the end of the driveway. Not walking, singing, or rocking, just a little spin down the driveway. This started at just a few weeks old, not months but she knew if she was riding in the car. There was no fooling her, not even putting her car seat in a wagon and pulling her around the livingroom. She was ready for her road trip.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just sitting here thinking about dreams, how I had the dream of sitting on my front porch rocking looking out across the yard and watching grand kids play. There laughter ringing in the air as they chased fireflies and each other. Maybe one in my lap as I hummed and rocked and watched the older ones play. Having a huge garden and sitting there on the porch in my trusty rocking chair, shelling beans and telling them about things from when I was a little girl. Answering their curious questions. Eating watermelon and telling them how their moms use to have seed spitting contest. Have a huge dinner at least once a month , where the family gathered, ate too much and just laughed and talked. " I have a dream." Sound silly? Not likely? Maybe, but I have a dream.

Right now everyone is going in so many different directions. Kinda sad and yet understandable. It may not seem like it but, children grow so fast. Then one day your standing there wondering what happen. And the sadness of what you should have done different if you had only realized at the time. We all make mistakes but, we do the best we know how at the time. That is what I tried to do. Could I have been a better mom? Absolutely, who couldn't look back and say, " If I only knew then." The thing is we can live in, should have could have or continue to do the best we know how. Will we still make mistakes? Yep, but hopefuly not the same ones. Although sometimes we do.