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I am a nana, ( just in case it wasnt plain) I am married to a wonderful God fearing man. I have 3 of the greatest, talented,loving daughters. 3 Of the sweetest, loving, wonderful granddaughters. Charity Hope is the newest to the family. I love the Lord, ride with the Christian Motorcyclist Association,I love my family ( hate not seeing them more) but I love them more then they will ever know.

Me And My Hubby

Me And My Hubby
OOHH How sweet!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Girls

I will try to get on a scheduele with these. Just starting out and it is all new. Anyway back to memories about my girls.

Jess ( Jessica) she was the second one to come along. A momma and daddy's girl. She loves her momma, but when daddy got home that was it. Her daddy hanges the moon. I remember, well let me tell you this, my babbies were breastfed. One stayed with it longer that then other two. Yep, you guessed it my Jess. Family would tell me you really need to ween her. I wasnt ready, it was our bonding time. They had started when she turned a year old. Well, by the time she was 14 months old I decided, OK I am ready! What brought me to this? By this time she had teeth, and she knew how to use them. If you every noticed, babies will take the nipple of their bottle between their teeth bite down and snatch backward. Oh yea, she did! Milk and blood shot out, yes I said ouch. And when I did I looked down at her and she had turned loose and was laughing. I couldn't really be mad at her, so I just said, " OK, little lady that's it you will be weened this week."
She just smiled at me like right mommy we will see. It took a little longer then the week I had promised. And trying all different ways I could think of, I found something that worked. I took the lemonade Koolaide ( no sugar added) and rubbed it on there good. When she started to nurse it was very unpleasant to her. She would turn loose and shake her head while looking at me like, Mommy the milk went bad. A couple days of this and she was finished. This may have not been the ideal way of doing it, but she stopped. It wasn't anything that would hurt her she just found it unpleasant. One thing I will have to say though, to this very day she loves lemons. Go figure!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is much better, Jess came by to see her Daddy, Danny, Becky, Abbie, Zoe and Baby Mackenzie came by to see Daniel and brought us lunch. We wished Jess a Happy Birthday and she played with the baby. It has been good! This lifted Daniels spirits a lot which made him feel so much better.

I can't believe our Jess is already 26! Where does the time go? I watched her play with the baby and remembered her being that small. Times seems to move so fast the older we get. Don't blink or you will miss something.

Relaxing Sunday

Sundays we meet for breakfast. It started it out just four of us meeting and having breakfast on Sunday mornings. We now have 13 that meet. We fellowship, give praise reports, ask for prayer needs, talk about what went on that week in our lives, and talk about the bible. Sometime we have people come to our table and ask for prayer. If they want we pray with them right then, if they are not comfortable with that we write down their request and then we all pray over it. We have a very sweet server her name is Denise. She takes good care of us and prays with us.

This week we did not make it Daniel was still feeling bad. The swelling has gone down but, I think being inside has depressed him a little he is an out door person. But it will not be much longer and he can be outside again.