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Me And My Hubby

Me And My Hubby
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Time!

Well, it is that time of year again! My favorite might add. If you are like most of us with the economy the way it is, there won't be a lot under the tree. But there is so much in our hearts! sometimes I forget what Christmas is all about, don't get me wrong I love the shopping for others. The thing is We (I) have to stop and take the time to remember why I celebrate it at all. If we think about all the gifts he has given us ( It really is not possessions) if we could only give others just a drop of that, wow how blessed we all would be. Although we can not give some one else salvation, we can let them know how they can get it. He gives us love, hope, peace and joy, this we can give to others. Love one another like he loves us, let them know there is hope in Jesus Christ, When you let him into your life and ask forgiveness, when you do this you can find peace in knowing that there is a way when it seems like there is no way, The joy of knowing how much he loves you and will never leave you.

Sometimes it just breaks my heart if I can buy or give the way I would love to. But you know, to be honest there are times when just loving someone, being there, leaning a ear ( not opinion of what we think) is the best gift you can give. What do you give a person who has everything? humm that could be hard. What do you give someone who has nothing could be just as hard. So what do you do? The best you can as long as it comes from the heart. You remember the song the little drummer boy? In some ways I feel that is me. I have nothing much to give but, what I give it comes with all my heat. So, whatever you give no matter how big or little it seems to be, give it with all you heart, with the love Christ.


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mary said...

Good pictures! I was hoping you had a new post!