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I am a nana, ( just in case it wasnt plain) I am married to a wonderful God fearing man. I have 3 of the greatest, talented,loving daughters. 3 Of the sweetest, loving, wonderful granddaughters. Charity Hope is the newest to the family. I love the Lord, ride with the Christian Motorcyclist Association,I love my family ( hate not seeing them more) but I love them more then they will ever know.

Me And My Hubby

Me And My Hubby
OOHH How sweet!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Girls

Back to Beth, I thought she would be a teach when she grew up. She would make her sisters and little cousins sit down and do school work. They could not go play until they had finished what she gave them to do. Wall or what ever was handy was her chalk board. And she was very, as a matter of fact. Putting her little hands on her hips, "I said you have to finish this, I told you how to do it." She was so funny, pointing and getting that little voice in teach mode. Now they were not real happy about it, or were they? They would do what she said, so I wonder.


Bible study, Acts 9-12. It was a great study. If we think we have it bad try reading what the disciples went through. We are truly blessed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fish Tanks

I cleaned the fish tanks today, it only took 2 hours. I am wore out, but I enjoy the fish. They are so relaxing to watch. Alex loves to feed ollie ( the Oscar) she will catch crickets and put them in there. He grabs them as soon as they hit the water. I want to get more tanks and put ollie in a bigger one. I have a 30 gallon, 2 ten gallons and 2 Betta bowls.

I cleaned house all day and loved it. Yes, that is right I loved it. I am so tired but a good tired, Its good to see you accomplished something.

I talked to all three of my girls today. I love it! They are all doing good, Beth is getting things for her new house, Jess is working and doing good, Danielle is excited about her first appointment Thursday. The grand babies are doing good, happy and healthy.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Maddness

Well, today I am a little more rested from the rally. Only to try and catch everything up,and headed off to bike night. It was a lot of fun, we laughed a lot. I sat with one of our chapter members and talked for the longest about having babies and funny things that happen during pregnancy. Oh yes, I told about mine, sorry girls. lol This was after the fellowship time. Had a nice ride there though it was a little cool coming home. Monday's are usually busy but that is ok.

Talked with Beth a little today, that was really nice. We are staying in touch more and I am so happy. My Jess called and talked to me a little today to. I love hearing from my girls and know what is going on with them.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

long weekend

Wow, this has been one long weekend. We left early Thursday morning to HP40 to set up camp for the bike rally. It rained on us that morning and night, Thursday night was really cold on the mountain and the rain too brrr. That night it was just me, Daniel, Mushey and Susan. We had a good time lots of laughing. We were sitting under their canopy eating supper ( that we cooked on the grill in the rain) and the top sprung a leak, the another and another. It starting raining so hard that the top was filling up with water. Mushy took his knife out and slice a drain hole in the top. It was so funny because the water the pour through the hole soaked every thing. Daniel ran grabbed our umbrella and we sat their eating the rest of our dinner under the umbrella under the canopy. I guess you just had to be there it was so funny. Friday morning my Danielle and Robert came up and set up camp, not long after everyone started coming in setting up. We had lots of fun and fellowship. Saturday was bike games, Daniel and Danielle won the slow race on my trike ( my trike) not the bike! lots of fun and we saw some beautiful bikes this time. More fellowship and praise reports. Sunday we got up packed everything had morning service, Daniel did a really good job. We had a great weekend but when we got home I was so wore out. Had to take a nap before bed time.