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I am a nana, ( just in case it wasnt plain) I am married to a wonderful God fearing man. I have 3 of the greatest, talented,loving daughters. 3 Of the sweetest, loving, wonderful granddaughters. Charity Hope is the newest to the family. I love the Lord, ride with the Christian Motorcyclist Association,I love my family ( hate not seeing them more) but I love them more then they will ever know.

Me And My Hubby

Me And My Hubby
OOHH How sweet!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday ( My Girls)

I left off with Beth last time so we are back with Jess. So many memories, I remember when I was carrying Danielle. And Jess had done something, Don't really remember what at this time. I just remember I was chasing her and she climbed on top of our trailer. Now remember Jess is 5 years older the Danielle So I was pretty big at the time. She thought it was so funny. I had chased her to my mother-in-laws house around it and back to ours. By the time I bounce my big self back, she was already on the roof. Well by this time I was laughing so hard I wasn't even upset with her any more ( not to mention wore out).

Daniel's dad is having a pacemaker put in, in the morning and we will be there with him.

Today we have been doing Spring cleaning pulled all the furniture out cleaned behind it and put it all back. Next is our closet, what a mess! I need to get rid of all that stuff we never wear. Oh wait a minute that means shopping for new stuff. Nope just clean the clutter for now.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Wow, what a busy few days. So much going on, yesterday went swimming with my mom, Beth, Danielle, Robert, Alex, and Kaylee. We had so much fun! Today went to the doctor with my hubby, found out he has Meniere's Disease. They will be treated it with meds. and he will go back in six weeks.

Now we are getting ready for Bible study. I really love this time studying the word with friends and family. There are times I like to study alone and listen to what he has to tell me. Lets face it, I love to study the word of the Lord.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

It has been a few days since I have posted. We have been really busy, but had a great weekend. Our girls surprised Daniel with a home cooked breakfast buffet style. He loved it and was telling everyone how much it meant to him. This Happened on Saturday morning and we got to spend time with our girls 2 of our son-n-laws and our grand daughters. It was awesome!

Sunday we visited our parents and had a really good visit. It seems like they are to far between visits, but again everyone gets so busy. So we just have to cherish the time we do get to spend with each other.